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5th Oct, 2010

ASX Investor Hour: Retail Investment Trends by Mark Thomas of Van Eyk

Sydney, NSW
During this presentation, Mark will explore key retail investment trends and how the markets are reacting. Mark argues that “the GFC has had the impact of investors losing confidence in the fund management industry. As a consequence low cost or direct investing is booming (index funds, term deposits, shares ETFs). The government’s proposed changes in regulation is only supporting this direct investment boom.”  You will also see current reviews broken down by asset class and van Eyk Manager Ratings. van Eyk is one of Australia\'s most influential providers of investment research. 

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26th Sep, 2010

Movie: Wall Street 2 - Money Never Sleeps

Sydney, NSW
Gordon Gekko is back. We head to the City to catch the sequel to Wall Street. The theme of greed and fear repeats itself. Maybe there are some lessons to be learnt. We discuss the movie over coffee afterwards

We shall met at 2.15 pm near the entrance of the cinema and buy the tickets.
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21st Aug, 2010

What happened on the Australian Stock Market last week & MOVIE - Knight & Day afterwards

Parramatta, NSW
 We meet and discuss over coffee the movement of the stock market over the week. It is suggested that you look at the newspapers like the Australian Financial Review, and the Australian Stock Exchange Website prior to coming to the activity. Please also look at the links on the Stock page of this website for links to relevant websites.
This is a great activity to learn to pick the news and happenings affecting companies and their share prices.

We head upstairs for the movie - Knight & Day afterwards.

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19th Aug, 2010

Let's Play Cash Flow Game

as asdas

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26th May, 2010


Sydney City, NSW
We get together for a popular stock picking exercise. This time we are focussing on commodity stocks. Each participant picks a commodity stock and presents to the group an analysis of the stock.

What is the definition of commodities & which are the commodity stocks listed on the ASX. Choose one stock.

So you have chosen the stock now. How about finding some more information on it.

Key Points you could cover in doing a SWOT anlayses on the stock:
  • Are you confident that you understand what the company does? Do you believe its customers will continue to want its products or services for years to come?  
  • Over the past five years, have the company’s sales and profits grown steadily? Are profits growing as fast as, or faster than, turnover? 
  • Are earnings per share growing steadily, in line with sales and profits? Or are there extreme peaks and troughs in the EPS graph that are likely to recur? 
  • Are the people who run the company doing their job well? Are they producing a good return on funds employed? what is the track record of senior executives? Which industries have they worked in before? What are their past success stories?
  • Has the stock weathered the economic crisis?

Ratios to analyse the share on:
  • Price/Earning Ratio:
  • Earning Per Share:
  • Dividend Yield:

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25th May, 2010

ASX Investor Hour Seminar: Stocks to Watch

Sydney City, NSW
Cost: $5 (incl. GST). Tickets can be purchased at the door 30 minutes prior to the presentation

Click on link for more information:

Jeremy Hook of TMS Capital looks at the latest opportunities in the market as well as reviewing the performance of his recommendations from previous sessions.
Jeremy is Investment Director with TMS Capital. TMS is a boutique portfolio management and financial planning operation based in Manly, NSW.   TMS Capital is an Authorised Representative of Tolhurst an ASX Market Participant. 
We recommend arriving early to avoid disappointment.  No bookings taken.

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