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Stock Picking: Energy Stocks

Subject: Stocks

Date: 18th Oct, 2012 Time: 6.00 pm Duration: 2 hours

Place: Sydey

Event Type: Activity

Description:  We get together for a popular Stock Picking exercise. This time we are focussing on ENERGY stocks. Each participant picks an Energy stock and presents to the group an analysis of the stock.

Suggestions for anlaysing the stock:

1: What is the definition of energy stock & which are the energy stocks listed on the ASX. Choose one stock.

2: So you have chosen the stock now. How about finding some more information on it. Do a SWOT analysis. S (Strengths), W (Weaknesses), O (Opportunities), W (Weaknesses). Include who are the competitors and new trends in the sector?

Key Points you could cover in doing a SWOT analysis on the stock:

  • i:Are you confident that you understand what the company does? Do you believe its customers will continue to want its products or services for years to come? 

  • ii: Over the past five years, have the company’s sales and profits grown steadily? Are profits growing as fast as, or faster than, turnover? 

  • iii:Are earnings per share growing steadily, in line with sales and profits? Or are there extreme peaks and troughs in the EPS graph that are likely to recur? 

  • iv: Are the people who run the company doing their job well? Are they producing a good return on funds employed? what is the track record of senior executives? Which industries have they worked in before? What are their past success stories? 

  • v: Has the stock weathered the economic crisis?

  • vi: Look at the financial indicators for the stock? Price range of the stock in the last 52 weeks? EPS, DPS, Dividend Yield, Capital Growth, Takeovers, Mergers, Sector comparisons?

  • vii: Look at the key shareholders/ownership structure for the company?

Maximum number of pariticipants: 12

Level: All

Fee (for members): $0

Fee (for non members): $20.00

Venue Address:TBA

City: NSW

Post Code: 2000

Country: Australia

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