Our Achievements

What has WIC achieved so far - some key highlights:

The club is researching on Women & Spending. We hope to build and announce a new venture that focuses on the primary relationship women have with money through spending. 
We feel that unless we tackle the 'spending behaviour' we may not be able to create any real real change.
The Women's Investment Club has moved its base to Melbourne where we shall continue our activities.


The focus of the venture is now to seek funding and move into the next phase of growth.

WIC was pleased to be invited to particpate in an incubator organised by Pollenizer that focussed on ideas on 'future of money'. We presented our research on Women and Money - on the primary engagement with money that women exhibit through spending.

WIC is also engaging with another sport related incubator that focusses on sportswomen. WIC has always identfied elite athletes as one of our target groups.

WIC formed a partnership with Success Women's Network - the largest network for businesswomen in Western Sydeny to share membership with them.

WIC is working on building a lifestyle club which will focus on financial literacy through lifestyle related topics.

WIC completed one year as member of the Mangement Group of the National Alliance - Economic Security 4 Women


WIC continued to a stakeholder for financial literacy and ecomonic security of women in Australia.

WIC participated in eS4W forums, face to face meetings and contributed to initiatives like 'Letters to My Younger Self' and survey for women's economic security. WIC was nomiated as 'ordinary member' to the core committee of eS4W.

WIC met with Senator Claire Moore - Shadow Minister for Women through eS4W and contributed to discussion on issues affecting women's ecomonic security.

WIC continued to engage with community through events. We have learnt that the engagement with our member community can be driven best through membership benefits - giving women what they really want and thus make financial literacy more attractive. We now welcome new members with a complimentary bottle of wine. Other benefits that we intend to add are free sessions with an image stylist, discounts on dinners etc.

WIC was invited by Minister Pru Goward to launch of Women NSW - 2015 report on status of women. 

WIC submitted a proposal for funding to Financial Literacy Australia to reserach on financial well being of elite athletes after retiring from active sport.

WIC is assessing opportunities to engage with art investment for women that may be affordable and is interacting with experts.


WIC carried out financial literacy training for athletes affiliated to
Table Tennis Australia. 

WIC was accepted into the National Alliance - EconomicSecurity4Women. We shall continue to inform & make suggestions to the Department of Minister for Women for Women's agenda through the Alliance. 


As part of our effort to explore the topic ‘women and money‘, WIC carried out interviews wth a number of women from different generations. We asked them about the key influencers growing up plus their attitude to debt, investment experiences, etc. Short video recordings of these conversations have been added to our Youtube channel.

WIC is a member of ASICs Community of Practice on financial literacy. We contributed as stakeholders to ASICs review of National Financial Literacy Strategy with our suggestions.

WIC organised a teleconference with Louise Crossman - Adviser to Federal Minister for Status of Women: Hon. Julie Collins on the International Women‘s Day. We discussed if financial literacy needs of women should be tackled independently, and not just as a small part of the debate on economic security for women. Women who are economically secure or have regular incomes can still be financially illiterate.

WIC has its own video channel on YouTube. You may view the channel on this link 


WIC held its End of Year party at the Strand Arcade. Sweet Art was our venue sponsor. Anthea Leonard - the owner of Sweet Art, has designed cakes for John Howard, Cate Blancett, Kylie Minogue, Rod Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, and many more celebrities. She shared with us her secret ROI strategy. She invests in people‘s emotions and reaps the benefits through long term relationships.

The Women‘s Invesetment Club was listed by The Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in its International Gateway for Financial Education. The Gateway is a database of financial education programmes around the globe.

Meena Wahi, Founder & Director of The Women‘s Investment Club attended the Olympics (2012) in London. WIC continues to support financial literacy for elite Australian athletes.

WIC organised Auction & Property Tours to various Sydney suburbs specifically to the Inner West, Outer West, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Northern Beaches and Sydney City. 

WIC participated in the 
 Parramatta Sun and the Parramatta Council International Women‘s Day forum.Participants included Parramatta Lord Mayor Lorraine Wearne and Parramatta MP Julie Owens.

WIC attended breakfast meeting with the Hon. Pru Goward - NSW Minister for Women at NSW Parliament to celebrate the International Women‘s Day. The Minister dicussed priority areas as part of NSW Government‘s policy for women.


We held our End of Year Party on the 16th of December. Westpac Women‘s Market Group was our key sponsor with Dominos generously giving us pizza vouchers. 

submitted a grant application to the Parramatta Council for the financial literacy project titled Women Capital & Parramatta. The Council invited applications from social enterprise ventures wishing to expland into the local area.

presented a talk at UTS to the local chapter of the GEN Y group -AISEC.

The Women‘s Investment Club ran a workshop for elite athletes who are part of the NSW Women‘s Soccer Team. Some of the participants were members of the national soccer team that played in the qualifying trials for Olympics. The workshop covered ‘Introduction to Investing, Money Management & Tax‘.

The Women‘s Investment Club joined ASIC Community of Practice on Financial Literacy. COP is an Australia wide community for sharing knowledge on financial literacy.

The Women‘s Investment Club met with the Hon. Kate Ellis - Minister for Status of Women in Canberra. WIC submitted a detailed agenda to the Minister on initiatives needed to ensure that lesser number of  women depend on the pension during their retirement years. WIC and the Minister‘s office shall continue to dialogue on this. 

The Women‘s Investment Club launched a new brand ‘WICED‘ targetted at GEN Y women to offer learning opportunities to the younger group of women on investing, money management and personal finance. WICED is derived from The Women‘s Investment Club (WIC) and Education (ED) and emphasis our strong positioning in the education space for women.

Networking opportunities for women professionals working in real estate, stockbroking and financial services through social events was offered through the Women‘s Investment Club for the first time, Networking  events shall continue to offered as a way to help women find professional support through the Club plus to build a pool of Experts who can assit in transferring knowledge to the community. 

The Women‘s Investment Club was mentioned on Channel Ten as part of a segment on Investment Clubs on the show - the Circle.

We were also featured on ABC TV‘s Mid- day Report on a story on Investing in Gold.

WIC organised its first event in Melbourne with a discussion forum on the Budget and Taxing Times.

WIC celebrated the International Women‘s Day with the Hon. Julie Owens - federal MP for Parramatta.

The Women‘s Investment Club ran a talk on Introduction to Superannuation to a large Expat group of women giving an overview to the participants of the super system in Australia.


WIC held the End of Year party sponsored by Art Equity that included a talk on Investing in Art.

WIC exhibited at the Centrelink Jobs Expo. We gave away information on how to find lost super to over 1000 people who attend the Expo. We also helped people find lost super on the spot at the Expo.

The brand for the Women‘s Investment Club was registered as trademark and now belong to our company for exclusive use in Australia.

The Women‘s Investment Club launched its website
in Sydney in May 2010 and officially ran the very first event.

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