You can join The Women’s Investment Club  by taking up a 6 months membership or the 12 month annual membership

6 Months Membership: $135/-
12 Months Membership: $240/-
Membership Benefits
Free Bottle of Wine:  A bottle of wine to welcome you.
Free or discounted events:

As a registered member you’ll get access to heaps of free or heavily discounted events and activities. We hold these at many different locations to make it easy for you attend. We even provide child care at some events.

Attend the same event many times:
Strange as it may seem, as adults we dont always learn everything in one go. Our learnign experience may require us to attend the same event many times to get the most of it. For eg you may attend an event once, and come again the next time to gauge exactly how must you know and fill in the gaps for anything you may have missed the first time. You will be surprised on how much comes to life if you do it the second time. As a member, you dont have to pay for attending an event again. Just join any number of times!

Organise your own Events:
Of course you can organize your own events. However we would need to approve them before you could hold them under the WIC banner. We would do that quickly and then, even, send out invitations on your behalf.

Discounts on courses/workshops:
Your attend most events free or receive discounts on courses and workshops . The courses we organize are practical and often in workshop style, which means we use group learning and lots of exercises.

Right to post a free classified a month:
You can post a free classified based on the number of months of membership you take out with us. So, for example, if you take out 12 months of membership, you can post 12 free classifieds. This is a great way to advertise if you are seeking to buy, sell, seek, recommend, refer, swap or give away something.

Support for local learning community groups:
We will provide you with full support to set up a local learning group around you in your community, if you wish to get together with a group of friends on a regular basis to learn and share.

Customized content for members:
We constantly update the members’ page with content tailor made for you. The page has links to special resources, tools, and information that is loaded with value.

Earn free membership:
Members can also earn free membership. If you successfully refer friends we extend your membership by one month, for each friend who joins. So, say, for example, you refer three friends and two of them join, you will receive two extra months membership.

We also extend your membership by a month for each event you organize.

Special events on request:
If you want to learn more on a subject, just write to us. We always endeavour to organise events on subjects that you are interested in.
On top of all this, the website provides you with a listing of resources, reports, links and access to experts.

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