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Options and Options Trading

Options and Options Trading

Based on the author's trader training program at Merrill Lynch and the options course he taught at NYU, this primer explains options from the ground up, starting with the example of a simple coin toss and working up to a complete and clear explanation of the famous Black-Scholes formula.

The author explains the math using a methodical step-by-step process. The book does not provide advanced trading strategies, but rather explains the rules of the game and gives an introduction into how the options market works.
The book builds a foundation for trading options, showing the theory behind the trades. The author uses a variety of pedagogical techniques to help bring his points across.

Author: Robert W. Ward
Subject: Options
Year of Publication: 2004
Name of Publisher: McGraw Hill Publishers
Type: Book
Format: Hardback
Delivery Time (approx): 10 days
ISBN: 9780071432092
Other Information: Full Title- Options and Options Trading: A Simplified Course That Takes You from Coin Tosses to Black-scholes

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