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Cycling & Cyclical Stocks

Subject: Stocks

Date: 6th Aug, 2011 Time: 1.30 - 4 pm (Saturday) Duration: 2 and half hours

Place: Centennial Park

Event Type: Activity

Description: Cycle around the Centennial park on late winter afternoon with the Women's Investment Club and learn about cyclical shares. Cycling is also a metaphor for cyclical stock markets. Different time of the year can show specific trends in stock market behaviour. Why is this? Are some stocks more cyclical than other?

If you would like to do some research, go to the links to websites providing research on ourStock Page. 
Stock Page Links

We shall have coffee afterwards at the famous Centential Park cafe.

MEETING PLACE: We shall meet at the 'Bike Hire' at Centennial Park. Location details provided under Additional Information.

Maximum number of pariticipants: 10

Level: Beginner

Fee (for members): $0

Fee (for non members): $10.00

Venue Address:Centennial Park, Oxford Street, Paddington

City: NSW

Post Code: 2010

Country: Australia

Additional Information:Ring Meena on 0433592997 for any questions.
You can hire a bike at the Centennial Park. For details and location - please go to this link:

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