:Do I have to pay for Ask An Expert?
Q:How do I set up a learning group in my local community?

Do I have to pay for Ask an Expert?

No, Ask an Expert is a free service. You can email a question from ask an expert and we can have an expert answer you question. The answer provided by experts are of general nature only and you should consult a financial advisor if you are seeking financial advice.

How do I set up a learning group in my local community?

If you want to set up a local learning group to learn about investing, there are ways you can go about it. 

You can either organise activities regularly through the website under a group name and users living in your area can join those activities from the website. These activities can be run independently by you. For example you may want to organise weekly stock exchange related discussions at a local cafe. You could set up up a group called Inner West Stock Market Discussion Group and organise such an activity regularly.

Or you can share with us your desire to run a local community group for learning and sharing and we can advertise the group from the website. We can share with you learning material and expert advice that can help your group to function

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