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The Women’s Investment Club is a self-directed learning community designed to provide its members with the necessary mentoring, knowledge and confidence to help them achieve their investment and personal finance goals. We provide opportunities for money management, financial literacy, investment and personal finance learning through group interactions,courses, events, expert knowledge sharing, and self-service access to resources like investment and personal finance books, cds, magazines, research, articles, reports etc.
In today’s world of information the question for most people has moved away from where can I get information to of all the information available - what information is right for me? WIC provides both online and face-to-face learning resources and access to the expertise of money management, investment and personal finance industry professionals that is both objective and vendor independent. We invite experts who wish to genuinely contribute to the community to freely share their knowledge.
At The Women’s Investment Club our focus is on helping our members learn and develop the tools that they require to move forward with investing, personal finance & money management. We provide fun and safe learning environments.

We help you achieve answers to questions/problems like:

  •  How do I get started with investing?
  •  Who do I talk to? I may need mentoring and not advice.
  •  How do I access the right information on property or stock investing and not spend a lot of money?
  •  I am new in town and don’t know have local investment knowledge!
  •  How can I make my own decisions without having to talk to the ‘Man’?
  •  How do I find answers to those small questions on tax and super?
  •  I spend too much. I want to learn to save.
  •  How do I learn and have fun?
  •  I want to learn now and invest later when I have more money.
  •  I leave investment decisions to my partner but would like to know more so that I can share with him.
  •  I want to start with investment but can’t find the motivation!
  •  I list my financial goals each year but never implement them!     
  •  Investment advice is too expensive! 

Our community recognizes that though we have similar needs, our personal circumstances can be different. WIC tries to cater to unique needs of different segments by responding to their personal circumstances and personal learning styles. We have something for you if you are:

  • a stay at home mum
  • a professional woman juggling life and work balance
  • a sportswomen retiring from active sports
  • a new arrival in town from overseas/interstate looking for friendships and information
  • a Gen Y struggling to make the first investment
  • a baby boomer who still enjoys investing
We provide events, courses and information on popular investment choices like Budgeting, Managing Debt, Insurance, Property, Stock Markets, Options and Precious Metals plus other personal finance subjects like Super and Tax. We also hold fun and  interactive workshops on money management.

No matter what your learning style or your personal situation may be or what your preferred investment choice may be we make sure that you find ample opportunities to gain information, knowledge and skills from being a member of the club because we all want to Learn & Share…!

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