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Subject: Precious Metals

Date: 14th Jan, 2011 Time: 4 pm Duration: 1 and 1/2 Hours

Place: Sydney

Event Type: Activity

Description:  We visit the Gold coin shop and learn about various gold, silver and copper coins on display. We learn about how much they cost and how to buy them? We then go for coffee and discuss what we have learnt. We also discuss the homework.

Home work:
Participants are expected to find out about the following before coming for the activity.
  • Which are the various mints in Australia?
  • What is the bullion?
  • What is difference b/w sovereign and a coin?
  • How do gold/silver/ coins make good investments?
  • What are the various ways in which one can buy gold, silver, and    copper?
  • Are coins more than their worth in weight?

Maximum number of pariticipants: 7

Level: All

Fee (for members): $0

Fee (for non members): $10.00

Venue Address:Wynard Station(York Street)

City: NSW

Post Code: 2000

Country: Australia

Additional Information: The venue for the event is a short distance from Wynard Station - (York Street Entrance). We shall meet at Wynard Station on York Street at 3.45pm sharp.

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